Course Problems and Error Messages

Campus Course Not Visible

If it is not possible to see a certain course under «Campus Courses» or «Campus Courses», there are a number of reasons:

  1. You haven’t booked that course via the module booking system yet or less than 24 hrs have gone by since your
    booking that module. Please book your course and wait at least 24 hrs before looking for that course again.
  2. You are a guest auditor. Just look for your course as usual by means of the search mask within «Courses».
  3. If you still can’t see your course, then send an e-mail to your IT support using your UZH e-mail address and provide
    the following information: exact course title (according to the university catalog) along with your OLAT user name
    (to be found at the bottom left after logging on in OLAT).

If the link to your course is shown grayed out, your lecturer hasn’t created that campus course yet.