Continue Campus Course

Continue campus course of previous semester (for courses extending over several semesters)

If you want to offer a certain course for more than one semester, it is also possible to alternatively choose a campus course already existing before continuing that one. Therefore, you won’t have to create a new course. Your «old» campus course will just receive the title of the current semester; its description will be adapted accordingly. In addition, you as well as your students will be able to see your new campus course along with the one continued in your «My courses».

In order to continue a campus course for more than one semester, just click next to the course you want to continue on the words «create» on the right within the main menu «Campus courses». Then select «Continue campus course of previous semester». Choose the campus course title to be continued from the table before clicking on the next dialog on «Yes». You won’t create a new course. The campus course selected will just be adapted regarding its title and description; it will afterwards be visible under «My courses» under the main menu «Courses».

In same way like when choosing the options 1 and 2, students will be enrolled automatically in such continued campus courses. New students will also be added automatically within campus group A. Only students from the previous semester no longer participating must be removed manually from campus group A.