Course from Template

Creating a Campus Course Based on One of Your Own Courses

If you have already created courses successfully, it is possible to create a campus course based on one of your own courses. Your course will be copied before receiving its title according to the course indicated in the university catalog. A learning area as well as learning groups will be added to your new campus course. Students will be automatically enrolled in such learning groups.

In order to create a campus course based on one of your own courses, just click on the letters «create» right next to the course within the main menu «Campus Courses». Select «Create campus by using one of your own courses already existing». Then select the course you want to use from the table. You will then be forwarded to the course editor. In contrast to standard courses, campus courses created based on your own ones will not be published or activated automatically. Therefore, you have to publish and activate your course on your own.

When setting your visibility and access rules please consider adding campus groups as well, to ensure that students can access your contents. Then you can publish and activate your new course (recommended setting: «All registered OLAT users and guests»).