The University of Zurich (UZH) currently has a campus-wide MATLAB license available to all students and employees of the UZH under the MathWorks Total Academic Headcount TAH program.

  • No limitations on number of concurrent users
  • Including many toolboxes

How to update an existing Matlab installation ?

  • Matlab will be notified about the extension of the license the next time it connects to the Mathworks Activation Server – this happens automatically in the background from time to time while Matlab is running.
    • Staff activation types: extension should be done automatically.
    • Student activation types: extension should be done manually.
  • If your Matlab installation does not automatically update its activation status, you could follow any of the following procedures:
  1. Start maltab UI with elevated privileges, click on the help icon, move mouse to licensing and click on `Update Current Licenses ...` => click through the dialog, restart matlab
  2. If this does not work, just create a new activation key and follow the installation instructions (for the Designated Computer license model)
  3. As a last option a new installation might be an option, that would also allow you to upgrade to the latest Matlab release.

Who can use the TAH Campus and Student license ?

The license covers on-campus and home software use for all instructors, staff, and researchers, as well as classroom and lab installations at the UZH.

UZH staff are also able to install MathWorks software on their personally-owned computers.

UZH students are also covered by the campus-wide license and can install software on their home or laptop computers.

What activation type and license model to use ?


Suggested license model

Matlab for Student

Standalone Named User

Matlab for Staff

Designated Computer

Matlab Server

Designated Computer

Matlab Classroom

Network Concurrent User

Matlab Computational Cluster

Network Concurrent User


How do I install Matlab ?

Step1: Retrieve the TAH Activation key

Step 2: Follow instructions at Mathworks site

Matlab installation instructions