Recording in the Home Office (Podcast)

Video Recording on Your Own Computer


PowerPoint presentations can be created as a screen presentation with spoken commentary and exported as an MPEG4 or MP4 video file. All versions except 2016 for Mac are supported.
We recommend using an external microphone for sound recording.


Step-by-step guide:
1.    Create PowerPoint presentation with sound
2.    Export as video file, please choose HD720p (1280 x 720) and check your video by playing it after the export.

Screen capture software
If you need programs other than PowerPoint, we recommend using screen-capture software for recording, such as Camtasia. Quicktime is available free of charge on Macs. Please refer to the support documentation on the vendors' websites.


General information
We recommend that you divide your video into clips with a maximum length of 30 minutes.

Publication of the Videos

You can upload the video clips you have created to either SWITCHcast or SWITCHtube and publish them from there in various ways (via OLAT, a protected website, or by sending a link to students). You can find information about choosing the platform and applying for rights here.