UZH Video Conferencing Rooms

The UZH video conference rooms are optimized for video conferences in a quiet and comfortable environment. The rooms are equipped with specialized, professional hardware.

The following rooms are available on the Irchel campus:

- Y35-F-27a Video conferencing room for up to eight participants
- Y27-H-36  Multimedia seminar room for up to 36 participants plus four contingency seats
- Y35-F-51 Teleteaching lecture room (Vetsuisse) for up to 112 participants

Videokonferenzraum Y35-F-27a

Multimedia Seminarraum Y27-H-36

Teleteaching-Hörsaal Vetsuisse Y35-F-51

Further information regarding the rooms above can be found here: UZH-Videokonferenzräume.pdf (German only) (PDF, 2618 KB)

This service is a cooperation between Central IT, Multimedia and E-Learning Services (MELS), and Room Allocation Services.

Room reservation and placing your request

You must clarify the availability of the rooms with the Auditorium Scheduling department and then make a room reservation.
    You must also reserve the room for a test conference in advance with the Lecture Room Planning Department and invite all of the participants. We will help you with the test conference.
    Once you have made the room reservation, you must place an order for the video conference with the application form.

  • You must check the room availability with Room Allocation Services and make a room booking.
  • You must also book the room with Room Allocation Services for a test conference beforehand and invite all of the participants. We will help you with the test conference.
  • After successfully booking the room, you must file a video conferencing request using our request form.

Own Video Conference System

If you hold video conferences on a regular basis and do not want to be dependent on one of our room systems, it may be worthwhile to purchase your own system. Please use the application form or 044 634 24 51