SMART Podium, Interactive Pen Display

The SMART Podium 500 is an Interactive Pen Display in 24"-format, which is used in the lecture halls in the common teaching area at the University of Zurich. You can order the device from the event services.

You work with a pen on the touch-sensitive monitor to control applications and comment on presentations. You can interact with and write about digital content while presenting it on a projection screen.


Before using it for the first time, we recommend a short instruction of approx. 15 minutes by the staff of the AV services. or phone 044 634 24 51


You can load your presentations onto the SMART Board computer with a USB stick or from the Internet. The Quick Start Guide helps you set up your SMART Podium.
SMART Podium Quick Start Guide(DE) (PDF, 273 KB)

What to consider

PowerPoint presentations with animated pages can cause problems. We therefore recommend that you work with PDF documents and use the PDF Annotator.

PDF-Annotator (only for Windows)

The paid PDF Annotator allows you to open any PDF file and comment, mark or highlight passages directly within the pages of the PDF document.
PDF Annotator, download for Windows only

Requirements when working with your own PC

To install SMART Podium and PDF Annotator software on your own Windows PC, contact your IT Coordinator.

To operate the SMART Podium, you need the SMART driver:
SMART Product Drivers and SMART Ink (DE)