Wireless Presentation

"Wireless Presentations" are available in an increasing number of lecture halls and seminar rooms and allows you to present from your notebook via a WLAN connection. This eliminates the need to connect multimedia cables such as HDMI or VGA. Please note that full-screen video films can be slightly jerky.

Before the first use we recommend that you take your time for the installation and familiarize yourself with it. See also Quick Reference in DE&EN "Wireless Presentation (PDF, 1 MB)

You can download the software here.

The following rooms are equipped for wireless presentations (I=Institute rooms):

KOH-B-10, KOL-E-18, KOL-E-21
KOL-F-101, KOL-F-103, KOL-F-104, KOL-F-109, KOL-F-117, KOL-F-118, KOL-F-121, KOL-F-123
KOL-G-201, KOL-G-203, KOL-G-204, KOL-G-209, KOL-G-212, KOL-G-216, KOL-G-217, KOL-G-220, KOL-G-221, KOL-G-222
KOL-H-312, KOL-H-317
KO2-E-61c(I), KO2-F-151, KO2-F-152, KO2-F-155, KO2-F-157(I), KO2-F-173, KO2-F-180

KUM-E-1, KUM-E-2, KUM-E-3
PLF-C-104(I), PLF-U1-205(I), PLM-F-103(I)
RAA-E-30, RAI-D-017(I), RAK-E-6, RAK-E-7, RAK-E-8
SOC-1-101, SOC-1-106, SOC-E-010(I)
ZUB-3-314(I), ZUB-4-416(I), ZUI-B-1(I)

Y10-G-03, Y10-G-04, Y13-M-12, Y14-F-21, Y14-F-41, Y14-F-55
Y15-G-19, Y15-G-20, Y15-G-40, Y15-G-60, Y17-H-05(I), Y17-J-05(I)
Y21-F-70, Y22-F-62, Y22-F-68, Y23-G-04
Y24-G-45, Y24-G-55, Y24-G-100, Y25-G-11(I), Y35-F-32
Y44-G-05(I), Y44-G-09(I), Y44-G-13(I), Y55-L-06/08(I), Y55-L-12(I)

N ord:
AND-2-02, AND-2-04, AND-2-06, AND-2-44, AND-2-46, AND-2-48
AND-3-02, AND-3-06, AND-3-44, AND-3-46, AND-3-48

STB-Da-010(I), STB-Da-029(I), STB-Da-035(I), STB-E-010(I), STB-F-101(I),
STB-G-201(I), STB-H-301(I), STB-J-420(I)
TAT-00-13(I), TAT-00-23(I), TFA-00-50(I), TFA-01-23(I), TFA-10-21/(I), TFA-10-25(I) TNU-20-46(I)



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