OneNote - Notebook Migration - Troubleshooting (macOS)

On this page you will find a number of problems that showed up at our hotline during the migration of OneNote notebooks their respective solutions.

Issues Logging in to Microsoft 365 within OneNote


Your account or your OneDrive for Business cannot be added to OneNote or you can't create a new notebook.


Usually, this issue is caused by saved credentials Follow these steps to remove these credentials:

  1. Sign out from the OneNote application and quit the application.
  2. Quit all open Office applications and OneDrive
  3. Open Applications → Utilities → Keychain Access
    Delete all occurences of Microsoft / Office / OneDrive / OneNote etc.


  4. Open OneNote and sign in.

Caution: If there are unsynchronized notebooks you must not follow these steps on any circumstances. All unsynchronized sections will be lost! In this case, first create a new notebook within a working account and move your unsynchronized content to the new notebook.