FAQ Changeover

Q: How do I find my new webmail after the changeover?

A: The new webmail can be accessed via https://outlook.office.com on the morning after your changeover day. (Entering "office.com" in the URL line will open the portal page of your Microsoft 365 account).

Q: Will I experience an interruption in the mail service?

A: Basically there is no interruption. However, in order not to put additional strain on the very limited time of the first night of the data migration, mailbox access is to be waived during this time. That is, from 8 p.m. on the day of the changeover until the start of work the next morning.

Q: Is the changeover time freely selectable?

A: No. We want to keep the changeover time as short as possible. This requires that the data migration robots are absolutely optimally utilised, which in turn requires a mix of large, normal and small mailboxes that is as perfect as possible. The possibility of postponing or individually planning the changeover time was discarded in favour of the short turnaround time.

Q: Do I have to be actively enrolled at UZH at the time of the changeover?

A: The data migration can be carried out successfully without your intervention. When you return to UZH, the new mailbox will be waiting for you.

Q: Will I get a new email address?

A: No, your email address(es) remain unchanged.

Q: What data will be transferred?

A: In principle, all data in your existing Notes mailbox will be automatically copied to your new Microsoft 365 (Outlook) mailbox (data migration). However, there are some technical limitations, such as encrypted mails. Learn more about this on this SharePoint page https://t.uzh.ch/1el.

Q: When exactly will I be changed over?

A: The effective changeover date will be communicated to you 14 days in advance by personal email. You can find a corresponding current plan on our sharepoint page "Changeover with data migration (DE)". The following table provides a basic overview:


  Students Other employees Employees (incl. students) & professors Non-personal mailboxes
Implementation Without public-law employment Without public-law employment With public-law employment Departmental / thematic mailboxes, technical mailboxes
Date / period 01 Oct 2021 10 Jan 2022 15 Nov 2021 -31 May 2022 01 March 2022 -31 May 2022
Standard changeover method Without data migration Without data migration With data migration With data migration
Options Opt-In: Change to method with data migration possible until 28.09.2021. Implementation after 01.04.2022 Opt-In: Change to method with data migration possible. Implementation after 01.04.2022    

Q: When do people with multiple employment get their turn?

A: In the case of multiple appointments, allocation to the respective conversion group is as follows: Professorships before "Mittelbau" before ATP.

Q: Can I still access my data in HCL Notes after the changeover?

A: Yes, this is possible until 4 weeks after the successful changeover. However, you can only view your data there (read-only).

Q: How long does the data migration take?

A: The changeover of all data should be completed within 5 days (even for a large mailbox). Huge mailboxes might take a few days longer.

Q: What work restrictions will I experience after the changeover?

A: Besides the fact that a new mail system (e.g. Outlook) always requires a personal adjustment, there is a limitation in finding appointments with people whose mail system has not yet been changed over. The project installs a co-existence environment that connects the two different mail systems and thus massively reduces this limitation. Appointment scheduling must be done directly in the calendar object ("Free/Busy" representation). Calendars from other systems can no longer be opened. Calendars of persons who have already been changed over can be opened normally.

Q: How can I access my mail-ins after the changeover?

A: Mail-ins will be changed over after the changeover of persons and will then be directly available, e.g. in Outlook, as a separate mailbox. Until then, the mail-ins must be opened via HCL Webmail (direct URL entry in the browser if the server and mailbox name are known) or HCL Notes or IMAP (see also FAQ 14 "Access to mail-ins" on our Outlook FAQ page).

Q: Missed OPT-In deadline: Changeover with data migration still possible?

A: The OPT-IN is a very limited time offer. It is not possible to re-register. However, instructions for self-migration are available - in the FAQ section: "10. Copy mail and mail folders from HCL Notes to Microsoft 365 (Outlook) account".

Q: Where can I find help for creating Outlook rules?

A: You can find a very good guide from Microsoft here.

Q: I cannot log in.

A: To work with the new mailbox, a second authentication (multifactor authentication, MFA) is required in addition to your existing login name (e-mail) and UZH password. This is the same procedure as on MS Teams. You can check the authentication by calling up this (portal) URL: https://portal.office.com. You can find help on this via the following links: Logging in to MS 365 UZH or mutltifactor authentication. In case of login problems, please contact the Service Desk.

Q: How can I get in touch with the project team?

A: The communication platform in the project is MS Teams, which is linked on this SharePoint page: https://t.uzh.ch/UZH365. A lot of information about the project and the UZH365 platform is published on the SharePoint page.