UC Informationen


  • Call-by-Click - Setting up dialing via a  Webclient
  • Conference portal - scheduled / ad-hoc audio conferences
  • Mobile Client - for Android and Apple mobiles
  • One Number Service - one telephone number for all devices


You can apply for a UC account through your Telecom Delegate.

Conference portal

Dial-in from internal and external to the conference portal in 4 languages:

  • +41 44 63 51050 en
  • +41 44 63 51051 de
  • +41 44 63 51052 fr
  • +41 44 63 51053 it

Mobile Client

The mobile client can be downloaded from the store on an Android smartphone as well as an Apple smartphone and installed on the device.

The user controls the OpenScape UC features, such as setting the preferred device, access to UC contacts and conferences.

Call Swipe enables the user to transmit calls from/to the office telephone and the mobile device via the mobile phone without interruption.

Note Operating mode "UC only": WLAN or the mobile phone network is used for the UC data connection, depending on availability; the mobile phone network is always used for the voice connection.