SWITCHtube and SWITCHcast Distribution Platforms

Cast or Tube?

In order to make your videos available to students via OLAT, protected websites, or links, you need to upload them to a video platform first. You have the choice between SWITCHcast and SWITCHtube.

Cast (in combination with OLAT course):
+ Easy integration into OLAT (one-time integration of the entire series)
+ Secure: only students enrolled in the OLAT course can watch the videos
- Students of faculties without OLAT Campus Courses (MeF, VSF, RWF) have to enroll in the OLAT course

Tube (with or without OLAT course):
+ Easier to use than Cast
+ No OLAT course necessary
- Insecure: everyone who has the link can watch the videos
- The e-mail addresses of students must be known
- When integrated into OLAT: all videos have to be integrated individually

Use the existing series in SWITCHcast if you have already started recording in the lecture hall.


Video Tutorials

Use the SWITCHcast Video Tutorials or SWITCHtube Video Tutorials to familiarize yourself with the user interfaces of both platforms and their functions.

To find out how to upload to SWITCHcast, please see the Uploading a SWITCHcast Video Recording (German only).

Applying for Rights for SWITCHtube

If you do not yet have producer rights for SWITCHtube, please apply for these via avs-support@zi.uzh.ch.

Applying for Rights for SWITCHcast

Please use the request form, choose the service "Veranstaltungsaufzeichnungen (Podcast)" and click "weiter".

When filling in the request form, please note the following (cf. screenshot):

Please select:

  1. Veranstaltungsnummer ("event number"): «Einzelveranstaltung ohne Veranstaltungsnummer» ("single event without event number")
  2. Gebäude + Raum ("building and room"): «Raumzuteilung durch die Hörsaaldisposition ist noch nicht erfolgt» ("no room allocation so far"), which means you will not have to select anything.

Inputs (required by system):

  1. Datum + Startzeit der ersten Veranstaltung ("date and starting time of first event"): Next day
  2. Datum + Endzeit der letzten Veranstaltung ("date and ending time of last event"): Day after next
  3. Bemerkungen ("remarks"): Upload only (or "Nur Upload")
Vorbereitung Switchcast
Click «Weiter» and fill in the remaining information.


Please Note:

All videos uploaded to SWITCHcast must be published individually on SWITCHcast in order to be visible.

The default publication setting on SWITCHcast is LMS (=OLAT). Change this setting if you wish to make the videos available via a website or a link.