Livestreaming from Lecture Rooms

Applications for live streaming and room reservations are open from 16.08.2021.

Live streaming allows for events in UZH lecture rooms to be broadcast to a large number of participants. The minimum number of participants is 300.

The transmission of a livestream is unidirectional, i.e. only in one direction. You will need a chat tool for communication between lecturers and participants. An integrated chat tool will be made available in the fall semester 2022.

The live stream is always recorded and can (but does not have to) be made available subsequently as a podcast, see Recording in lecture rooms (podcast).

Number of participants

For licensing reasons, the service will initially only be offered for events with more than 300 participants.

What will be streamed exactly?

By default, the speakers with a fixed image section and the presentation are streamed, but not the blackboard or the overhead projector.

Beispiel Livestreaming

Where is livestreaming offered?

More than 45 lecture rooms and seminar rooms at UZH are equipped for live streaming. However, some rooms are not equipped with a camera. Therefore, these rooms only allow live streams of presentation and sound, see suitable rooms for livestreaming.

How is live streaming done?

The quality of the livestream is designed with the most common use case in mind, i.e. making lectures accessible to students live.

How do I access my live stream?

From request to publication in 4 steps, see procedure

Advantages of livestreaming compared to ZOOM

  • The lecture room camera captures a larger image section than the camera used in ZOOM. Lecturers may therefore move freely around the room.
  • All media devices, e.g. SMARTPodium, can be used in the lecture room.
  • Lecturers do not have to adjust any hardware or software settings in the lecture room.


Live streaming for university purposes is free of charge. Please also note our terms and conditions.