Publication of a Livestream

You can publish your livestream in OLAT or on a website or send a link via e-mail. You can link to a series or to individual events. For event series, we recommend integrating the series link. Each associated live stream will then be integrated automatically.

  • Integrate the recording into your OLAT course:
    • Use the  “SWITCHcast” OLAT module, copy the link, or the embed code from SWITCHtube.
    • With the “Learning Management System” standard access right, you can only integrate your recording into an OLAT course by means of the  “SWITCHcast” OLAT module.
  • Integrate the live stream into your website: Copy the link to or embed the code on SWITCHtube into your website. Adjust the access rights (the default setting is "Learning Management System", which only allows access via an OLAT course).
  • Send the link of the series or individual livestreams by e-mail:Copy the corresponding link. Adjust the access rights.