Access Rights and Licences

Access rights and licences are configured in SWITCHcast in the respective series. Access rights authorise certain groups or individuals to view the recordings. The default authorisation set by MELS is "Learning Management System". This means that series/recordings are made available exclusively for publication in OLAT.

Available Access Options in SWITCHcast

If necessary, series managers can alter the access rights and publication format. Please note, however, that an extension of access rights to “organization” already affects external material, e.g. in your PowerPoint presentation. From a copyright perspective, you will then no longer be able to use the material in a closed course, which means you must first have obtained all relevant rights of use. . Access Rights Tutorial (German only)Zugriffsrechte, Publikationsformate und LizenzenAccess Rights (PNG, 175 KB)

Choosing a license determines how authorized persons may use the content. The default setting made by MELS is “All rights reserved”. If you provide information on the usage license in the video itself, you can select “As defined in content”. You can also make your content available under a Creative Commons license. Details about the individual cc-licenses may be found here: Creative Commons.