Online Examinations

We currently use OLAT as browser-based examination software for conducting the online examinations. For security reasons, the online exams with OLAT are not prepared and conducted on the LMS, but on specially set-up OLAT exam environments.

In HS22, Inspera will be introduced as additional examination software at UZH in a controlled manner. The 1st level support persons online exams will be informed about the registration process as soon as the contract is finalised.

Currently, Remote Open Book exams and Bring Your Own Device exams can be conducted.

Technical requirements for students:

  • own/personal computer and internet access (due to clarity when answering questions, mobile phones are not recommended).
  • current Firefox or Chrome version

Limitations of online examinations:

  • Loss of locally stored documents in case of technical problems with the personal computer (e.g. Word documents, calculations with Excel, programming tasks with Python)
  • No monitoring with camera or microphone: When taking exams from home, students can use all the tools at their disposal
  • No identity check: Despite authentication via a login, students cannot be checked for their true identity when taking exams from home,
  • Currently only limited execution of exams with lockdown browser (Safe Exam Browser, abbreviated: SEB): without lockdown browser, students can document the questions asked and then disseminate them further.