Online Examinations

We currently use OLAT as our main exam software for remote exams. OLAT is browser-based, i.e. students only need a current version of Firefox or Google Chrome.

For security reasons, online exams are not prepared and conducted in the regular LMS. Instead, we use specially tailored OLAT e-assessment instances.

Open Book

In the current situation OLAT can only carry out "open book exams". This means that students

  • must have their own/personal computer and Internet access as prerequisites (cell phones are not recommended because of the small display),
  • must have a current version of Firefox or Chrome installed on their computer,
  • cannot be monitored by camera or microphone
  • are able to use all the tools at their disposal
  • can lose all local documents in case of technical problems with their computer (including Word documents, calculations with Excel, programming tasks with Python)
  • cannot be checked for their true identity despite a login authentication
  • are able to document the questions and to pass them on to others.