Honor Code for Students Completing Official Assessments at the University of Zurich

Please read this Honor Code carefully before you start the official assessment. With your confirmation, the University of Zurich assumes that you are aware of its content as well as the possible consequences of any academic misconduct.

A.    Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct as laid out in the Framework Ordinance of your Faculty is constituted by fraudulent or dishonest action.

Students at the University of Zurich are committed to upholding honesty and integrity. In particular, this means that you must comply with the following principles:

  1. You may not claim someone else’s work as your own.
  2. You may not use unauthorized aids or receive or provide inadmissible support when completing official assessments.

B.    Measures and Consequences

  1. Please be aware that the University of Zurich may, according to the prevailing legal provisions, take organizational and technological measures to detect and document academic misconduct during official assessments.
  2. Any academic misconduct during an official assessment will result in a failing grade.
  3. Disciplinary proceedings may be initiated against you for academic misconduct. Disciplinary measures for academic misconduct may include temporary exclusion from the University of Zurich.

C.    Confirmation

“I hereby confirm that I will complete this official assessment myself and will not receive any inadmissible support.”