Examinations with OLAT

Course element: Test (QTI 2.1)


  • Use of standardized question types possible
  • Partly automatic evaluation and scoring possible
  • Results overview incl. automatic evaluation can be exported as Excel file and as HTML file
  • Results per examinee can be exported as a printable HTML file (image files are transmitted as PNG files, uploaded files in the respective file format)

Question types

  • Drag and drop
  • Drawing
  • Essay
  • Gap text
  • Hottext
  • Hotspot
  • Kprim
  • Match
  • Multiple choice
  • Numerical input
  • Order
  • Single choice
  • True/false
  • Upload file

Possible configurations

Within a test module it is possible:

  • to divide the test into parts and sections with specific configurations.
  • to display the questions in a different order for each examinee.
  • to display the answer options in a different order for each examinee.
  • to draw a random selection of questions from a large number of questions and display them to the students. It should be noted that the question pool should be sufficiently large and that the questions should have approximately the same level of difficulty.
  • to limit the number of solution attempts per section/question.
  • to show or hide an overview of the questions.
  • to choose between linear and non-linear navigation. In case of linear navigation, all questions must be answered in sequence. It is not possible to jump back and forth between the questions. In a non-linear navigation, the questions can be answered in the desired order.

The following settings are NOT possible for the OLAT test (QTI 2.1):
(list not exhaustive)

    Time limitations on all or individual questions
    Time limitations on all or individual sections

Further informations

OLAT User Manual: Test QTI 2.1


Course element: Task


  • provision of one task per examinee (e.g. for essays, longer texts, case descriptions, calculations)
    local editing of the document by the examinees
    upload of documents (answers) by the students
    export of the results as a ZIP archive with the uploaded files
    manual correction of answers required

Possible configurations

Within the task element it is possible:

  • to provide all test participants with the same document (task)
  • to provide the examinees with a random document from a list of documents
  • to let the participants choose their document from a list of documents
  • to allow the participants to upload documents (answers)
  • to limit the number of documents that can be uploaded

Further informations

OLAT User Manual: Task


Course element: Folder


  • for the provision of several documents to the examinees
    no upload by students recommended in this module

Examples of use

1) Provision of multiple documents

The folder is suitable for providing multiple documents per examinee. All examinees have access to the documents stored here and can edit or view them locally after downloading them.
The folder element can be combined with the task module while in this case the folder is used to provide multiple documents and the task is used for the upload of the answers of the examinees.

2) Exams without upload

For exams that do not require an upload from the students, the folder is used to provide the students with documents. An example of use is the provision of formularies alongside a test element.

Further informations

OLAT User Manual: Folder


General settings

Exam mode

In order to conduct exams under controlled conditions OLAT offers an exam mode. If the exam mode is active, only the courses and course elements relevant for exams will be displayed in the user interface. Other courses cannot be started.


  1. 15 minutes before the exam starts the exam mode will start. From now on access to all OLAT functions will be restricted and exam participants will be informed about the imminent start of the exam.
  2. At the time of the exam's start examinees can click on the button "To the exam" ("Zur Prüfung"). They now will be forwarded to the visible course elements of their exam.
  3. 5 minutes before the end of the exam, a maintenance message informs about the end of the exam in 5 minutes. The message is updated every minute.
  4. After the exam time has expired, students no longer have access to the course elements of the exam. For a follow-up time of 1 minute access to OLAT functions will still be restricted. Afterwards students can return to OLAT.

Vulnerable students and those with compensatory measures can have their own exam mode set up (for example to allow them more time or access to other course elements).

Code of Honor

For each online exam (created based on a template from EPIS), the code of honor of the University of Zurich or the respective faculty is integrated by default. Examinees must confirm it with a check box before they can see the other elements of the exam.

Mock exam

Exam takers will be provided with a mock exam one week prior to the exam so that they can check the compatibility of their terminal device, browser, and Internet connection and familiarize themselves with the exam setting.

Overview of the mock exam dates