OLAT as Examination Software


Question types

  • Multiple choice
  • Single choice
  • Kprim
  • Cloze
  • Free text

All question types except for free text are corrected automatically.


With the OLAT test it is possible,

  • to show the questions to the students in different order
  • to show the answer options to the students in different order
  • to draw a random selection of questions from a large number of questions and display them to students. It should be noted that the pool of questions should be large enough and that the questions should have approximately the same level of difficulty.
  • to limit the number of attempts to solve each question
  • to show or to hide an overview of the questions
  • to allow or to restrict the navigation through the questions

The following settings are NOT possible within OLAT Tests:
(This list is not exhaustive)

    Time limitations on all or individual questions
    Time limitations on all or individual sections

Further informations

The test results are made available as CSV files.

The tests are stored in a standardized format, the IMS QTI format (version 1.2). A detailed description of this QTI specification can be found on the IMS website.

Task Module (e.g. for essay questions)

In OLAT, a task (longer texts, case descriptions, calculations) can be stored for students. Students can download this task as a document and work on the solution locally on their computer. Once they have finished their contribution, they can upload it to OLAT. These solutions need to be manually corrected.


With the task module it is possible,

  • to provide all students with the same document (task) for download
  • to provide students with a random document from a list of documents
  • to let students choose their document from a list of documents
  • to enable an upload section for documents (solutions)
  • to limit the number of documents that can be uploaded to a certain number


Provision of multiple documents

The folder is suitable for providing several documents per student. All examiners have access to the documents stored here and can edit or view them locally on their computer after downloading.
The folder module can be combined with the task module if the folder is used to provide the documents and the task is used for the submission of solutions by the students.

Exams without upload section

For exams that do not require uploading by students, the folder is used to provide documents to students. An example of use is the provision of formula collections for answering an OLAT test.

Assessment Mode

In order to conduct exams under controlled conditions OLAT offers the so-called assessment mode. In this mode all OLAT components will be hidden and only those course elements relevant for exams will be displayed.

The assessment mode will start 15 minutes before the exam actually starts. The access to all OLAT functions will now be restricted and exam participants will be informed about the start time of their exam. When this time is reached students can click on the button "Go to Exam" and they will be directed to the visible course elements of their exam.

5 minutes before the exam is about to end a maintenance message informs students about the fact that the exam will end in 5 minutes. This message will be updated every minute until exam ends.

After expiration of the exam time students will no longer have access to the course elements of the exam. For a follow-up time of 5 minutes access to OLAT functions is still restricted. After that students can return to OLAT.

For vulnerable students and those with compensatory measures, the assessment mode can be adjusted accordingly.