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SWITCHtube/SWITCHcast - partial interruption from 18.7.-21.8.2022

Please find additional information for recordings at work or in your home office here.

SWITCHtube, the video platform for Swiss universities, allows you to upload your own videos and make them accessible to an audience defined by you. We will advise you on how to use SWITCHtube and open an account for you.

At SWITCHtube, you can watch the videos on the playback platform of SWITCH.

For further information see SWITCHtube.

If you want to make videos available, you need producer rights. You can apply for these with us. If you are interested, send an e-mail with a short explanation (use and benefit) to: avs-support@zi.uzh.ch.

Please log in to SWITCHtube once so that we can grant you the producer rights.

Contact: Martin Anklin, Head of AV-Services, phone 044 634 24 58