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Science IT Helpdesk

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Within the scope of Science IT we help researchers of UZH in various ways:

Support & Training

  • gaining access to specific computing services (e.g. ScienceCloud)
  • guidance on use of the computing services (e.g. how to run a GPU job)
  • helping resolve issues and problems you have using a computing service
  • providing training recommendations to meet prerequisites


  • consulting on the IT aspects of your research problem
  • strategies on how to carry out large calculations
  • optimization of scientific code
  • consulting on and initiation of expert services

Science IT has experts with various skills who can help you address IT topics within your field of research. Through the Science IT Helpdesk you get in direct contact with our experts.

Further IT support

Science IT is a specialized unit at UZH with expertise in scientific computing and specialized IT services for research operated centrally for all UZH researchers. As such, Science IT

Before contacting Science IT (or Central IT, respectively), we recommend you first discuss your IT needs with your local IT-Coordinator.

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