Infrastructure Science IT

Science IT currently provides the following computational facilities to researchers at the University of Zurich.

  • ScienceCloud implements an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) approach to cloud computing. It can be used for the creation of ephemeral private computing systems and experimentation with new computing paradigms.
  • ScienceCluster is a centrally managed multi-purpose cluster that provides access to multiple CPU and GPU partitions running on ScienceCloud.
  • Piz Daint is a supercomputer for running large-scale high-performance parallel computations whose requirements exceed the ScienceCluster capacity.

Don't know which service is right for you?

We have Service Selection Guidelines that can help you decide which infrastructure service matches your research needs.

How to get access

Access to the computational infrastructure is open for all researchers at the University of Zurich.

Before you ask for access, however, we would like to schedule a meeting to assess your computational needs, give you an introduction to the systems, and advise on the recommended way to use the UZH computing infrastructure. Contact us using the email address linked below.

Service level

The general terms and conditions for the S3IT infrastructure services and a set of frequently asked questions are available at S3IT Terms and Conditions (UZH login is required).

Got questions?

Feel free to ask us via email: