Supercomputer - Alps/Eiger

The Alps system operated by the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS) is an HPE Cray EX multiprocessor system for supercomputing, and the Eiger partition is the first partition released under the Alps system.

Why would you need to run on Eiger?

Eiger is a highly specialized HPC Supercomputer for massively parallel applications or for applications with distributed memory needs.

With Eiger you can run massively parallel workflows, profiting from the high-speed interconnect among the nodes.

How to get access

All researchers at the University of Zurich with computational needs that require such a system are eligible to get access. Access to Eiger is given based on an evaluation of the needs by S3IT staff, mapping the problem to the right infrastructure available through S3IT (ScienceCloud, ScienceCluster, or the Supercomputer).

Ask for access by emailing We will get back to you and set up a meeting to give you an introduction to the systems.

System specifications

Detailed specifications are available here.

Want to know more?

Additional information about how to get access, the usage policy, the cost contributions, and the terms and conditions is available at the S3IT infrastructure page.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to