Vesta is a NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU cluster system.

Why would you need Vesta?

With Vesta you can run applications that require the use of a dedicated GPU.

Usage policy

The Regulations of the Use of IT-Resources at UZH are binding for all users; acceptance of these policies is implicit in the use of the system.

Notifications and requests from the system administrators are sent by email; you are required to read and -if needed- react on these emails within the given timeframe.

How to get access

Access to the computational infrastructure is open for all researchers at the University of Zurich with computational needs that require such a system.

Ask for access by emailing We will get back to you and set up an in-person meeting to give you an introduction to the systems.

Detailed hardware specs

Amount 5 nodes
Processors Intel Xeon processor E5
GPU 8x NVIDIA Tesla K80 per node (16 GPU devices)
Memory Up to 48 GB of system memory per GPU device

Got questions?

Feel free to ask us via email: