Funding proposal

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Much research carried out today faces new challenges such as large data sets, difficult computational analysis, or building models. Many research groups are not interested in building up their own expertise in these areas. S3IT can support you every step of the way.

S3IT staff advises you at all stages of your collaboration project, starting with proposal writing like the estimation of IT budget needs, necessary know-how and tooling development as well as pointers to potential (inter)national partners for Science IT. We support research groups in their cooperative efforts when it comes to computation or data access and management.

We can support you in writing your next grant; we can write text and develop budgets. There are two types of main scenarios:

  • the amount of work is relatively minor and somebody in the S3IT team dedicates one or several days a week to the projects;
  • the work is most extensive, in which case we can help hire appropriate personnel that can either be located at the S3IT, at the home institution, or both.

Get in touch with our data analysis consultants to discuss your requirements in detail.