S3IT focuses on the usage of standardized software solutions, mainly open-source, to cover for the general needs of research groups. This includes the software packages and tools listed in the following for which S3IT has expertise.

Administration IT Ansible, CFEngine, Docker, ElastiCluster, OpenStack, Singularity
Cluster Hadoop, Kubernetes, Mesos, Slurm, Spark
Database Cassandra, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Storage Ceph, CephFS, Hadoop, Glusterfs, Lustre, NFS, S3, Swift, ZFS
Development C, C++, C#, CUDA, GC3Pie, Java, Python, Scala, Open MPI
Machine Learning TensorFlow, Theano, Spark
Mathematics Mathematica, MATLAB, R
Python matplotlib, NumPy, pandas, SciPy
Research Data Management openBIS
Science Jupyter

ElastiCluster, a tool to create and manage computing clusters on cloud infrastructures and GC3Pie, a Python library to submit batch jobs to clusters and combine several applications in a dynamic workflow, are open-source software packages currently maintained by S3IT.

For accessing software packages managed by Zentrale Informatik see staff and research for further information.