Support Science IT

Service and Support for Science IT (S3IT) provides scientific computing support for researchers of UZH in various ways. Common help requests include:

  • gaining access to a specific research IT system (e.g., ScienceCloud)
  • guidance on research IT system use (e.g., how do I run my MPI job on Vesta?)

This is just part of what S3IT offers. Other services include:

  • in-depth consulting on the IT aspects of your research problem
  • extended collaboration on research projects

S3IT has specialists in High Performance Computing, Data Management, Computational Scaling, "Big Data", and Machine Learning who can help you address specific IT topics within your field of research. For any such Science IT inquiry, feel free to contact the S3IT help desk:

For more general IT requests or incidents please consult your local IT-Coordinator or the IT Service Desk.

Further support for researchers at UZH

S3IT focuses on the IT aspects of research. As well, there are additional UZH units that support researchers in other aspects of research: