Code Clinics

The Code Clinics is a 2-hours session (held every week) where every researcher can stop by and get help with their own source code. Experienced programmers from S3IT are available to talk, review code, suggest ways to improve it, or generally solve other programming related problems.

We would like the "code clinics" to be an informal venue and encourage anyone to just walk in, so registration is not necessary. However, a short email with a brief explanation of the type of assistance required might help us to have the people with the relevant experience available.

Who may find the "code clinics" useful?

Anyone who has a FORTRAN, C/C++, Python, R, MATLAB, etc. program , but it is very slow, or takes a huge amount of RAM.

Anyone who has a code and wonders if it can be made better.

Someone who would like to automate a series of runs (maybe with a script) where they manually enter parameters.

We can help someone who is just starting to learn programming.

Someone who would like to find out whether their code could be sped up by using multiple cores or some other way of parallelising, or by using GPUs.

Someone with some old but important code written in an limited or old-fashioned language (e.g. Excel, IDL, Perl), and would like to rewrite in something more modern (e.g. Python).

Where and when?

Upcoming "code clinics" sessions will be held as follows:

When   Where
Every Monday 14:00 – 16:00

Y01 F 95 (S3IT, ex-"Informatikdienste" building)

Note: announcements of last-minute changes and extra events will be sent to the mailing list only -- if interested, please subscribe here