MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

The MOOC Coordination Office offers support and advice as regards the creation and implementation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). MOOCs refer to video-based online courses with automated test forms which are available to the public without access restrictions and some of which are free of charge.

The MOOC Coordination Office is also tasked with bundling MOOC activities for the entire university and maintaining contact with the various platform providers. At present, UZH is the contractual partner of Coursera and the EPFL/ETH Association, which operates the «Swiss MOOC Service» platform.

The Executive Board of the University has decided to let the contract with the Association expire by the end of 2022. Faculties willing to finance the SMS service themselves can conclude a contract with the Association. Information on the current contract can be obtained from the MOOC Coordination Office.

For the production of video-based online courses or blended learning courses for UZH students only, the MELS Multimedia Production group may be able to assist you. Please use this form to contact MELS.