Mount Drive

Right-click on the Start button and select Explorer from the context menu that appears.

Select "File Explorer" in the context menu

In the window that appears, click on This PC

Windows Explorer

Note: Within the Citrix session the local drives and the mounted drives of the workstation computer should be visible, as shown in the following picture. In this way, all drives that are available on the local workstation computer can also be used under Citrix. This also allows access to data from a file service outside the UZH network. With these so-called client drives, file access is always via the local workstation computer, which can lead to delays, especially with computers connected via VPN. For access to data stored within the UZH network, it is therefore preferable to integrate the relevant share directly. Direct mounting of a drive according to the following instructions is only possible if the server in question is located within the UZH network. All servers outside the UZH network can only be accessed via client drive.

To mount a drive, first click on the arrow symbol at the top right to open the ribbon.

Windows Explorer

Click on the arrow symbol under Map network drive and select Map network drive in the menu that appears.

Map network drive

In the window that appears, select a drive letter and enter your desired share as folder. Make sure that Reconnect at sign in is checked to ensure that the connection is maintained in later Citrix sessions and click Finish.

Map network drive settings

If you have enabled Connect using different credentials, the window shown below appears. Enter your user name and password and check the box Remember my credentials to ensure that the connection is retained in future Citrix sessions. If the user is from a different domain, the domain must be prefixed to the user name separated by a backslash.

Enter network credentials

Note: If multiple shares on the same server are connected under different users, the server must be addressed under different names for the different users.