UZH Print Plus - Set up Temporary Card

To use a "temporary" replacement card

If you have forgotten your UZH card, you can use any card with an RFID chip instead:

Karte Koppeln mit AD-Login

The personal UZH short name and the Active Directory password are required for card registration. This password can be managed in Indentity Management.

Registration of a temporary card

After presentation of a suitable card and the subsequent login using a short name and AD password, the following message appears.

Sie haben bereits eine Karte registriert

If you want to link a temporary card, confirm the message with "Yes".

Umstellen auf TempBadge

Tap on the small triangle and then select "TempBadge" from the list.

TempBadge bestätigen

Now confirm the selection "TempBadge" with "Next". The card is now temporarily registered and can be used on a multifunction device as often as you like without having to log in again with your user name and password.

Please note that this temporary card is only valid on the relevant calendar day. If necessary, it must be registered again the following day.