UZH Print Plus - Coupling the UZH Card

Coupling the UZH-Card with Print Plus

If, during the initial identification on the multifunction device, the message appears that the UZH-Card is not recognised, a login window appears on the display.

Karte Koppeln mit AD-Login

In this case, the card must be registered using the UZH short name and the Active Directory password. This password is managed in the Indentity Management.

Replacement of an existing card

If you have already paired a card with your account, the system will detect this after you have logged in and confirm this with a message:

Sie haben bereits eine Karte registriertIf you want to link a replacement card, confirm the message with "Yes".
Bitte Identitätstyp wählen

To register a replacement card (e.g. your previous UZH Card was defective or lost), confirm the selection "Card number" with "Next".

Kartennummer ersetzen

You will now see your registered information: short name, old card number, new card number.

To register a replacement card, confirm with "Yes".

Your replacement card is now defined and the previous card is deleted from the system.