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WEB Assistant for Individual Operation of your Voice Mail Box via the Internet

The Web Assistant is used to conveniently use the message mailbox and to configure the personal settings. The Web Assistant can be reached from the UZH network and via VPN.

See also operating instructions

Tips and useful functions in brief:

Logging on to: Web Assistant :

Please note: the Safari web browser cannot be used for the Web Assistant!

User name: Your own internal phone number e.g.: 54321

For the password please contact your responsible telecom delegate..

The pages are displayed in de. Under Personal Settings / User Data / Language Selection you can switch to en, fr, it for the telephone interface and the web interface.

Automatic logout:
If you do not work with the WebAssistant for more than 10 minutes, you are automatically logged off by the system for security reasons.

Set the start page

When the WebAssistant is started for the first time, the "Personal settings" page is opened as start page by default. You can also set the inbox page as start page: Personal settings / User data / Start page after login "Inbox".

Online Help

The WebAssistant has an online help, which you can access at any time as soon as you have started the application. You always open the online help by clicking the Help link in the upper window area.

What is not implemented

For operational reasons, not all functions can be offered by the voicemail system. The following features cannot be used:

  • Unified Messaging, send and receive e-mail
  • Sending and receiving a fax
  • Telephone representative
  • Voicemail distribution list


Multi-level voicemail "Post-dial digit for ..."

You can offer the caller the possibility to start a call forwarding by dialing a number after the first digit.

Set up :
>Personal Settings >Forwarding Mode Menu

  • Select "alternative greeting" menu for all incoming calls
  • Select tel. key and action: e.g. Key 2 "Dial number".
  • Enter the phone number to which the call is to be forwarded
  • SAVE

To inform the caller of the available options, you must include a text with the key number that the caller must press in the personal greeting.
For a connection to the secretary, press key 2
With key 3 you can reach me on my mobile phone in urgent cases

Email Notification

You can be notified by email when a new voicemail message is received

Set up:
> Personal settings > Notification / Create notification /

  • Create notification
  • Select "Email" and enter your email address
  • Set time dependency
  • Save and return
  • Notifications: Select "Activated" and save

If a new message has been recorded by a caller, you will receive an e-mail with the following content
New VOICE message for XXXXX from YYYYY

Call   +41446341178
The link takes you to the Web Assistant login page. If you have set the start page to "Inbox", you see your messages and can edit them.
You can of course also listen to and edit the messages as usual via your telephone set.

SMS Notification

The SMS notification works like the e-mail notification and has to be set up like this.

Difference: in the field "phone number/address" the mobile phone number "07XYYYYYY" followed by the domain name "" has to be entered:



Forwarding messages in the Web Assistant mail client

You can forward received voice messages.


  • Click the Forward icon in the Action column. The selected message is displayed on the Forward Message page.
  • If you want to forward the voice message as an attachment by e-mail, enter the e-mail address of the recipient in the To field and click [Send].
  • If you want to forward the voice message to a phone, enter the phone number of the recipient in the "To" field.
  • Change the selection in the "Number type" field to : Voice message and click on [send].

Forward messages to a representative

If you are absent for a longer period of time (vacation, business trip, illness, ...) you can set up a substitute to receive your voicemail messages.

Messages delivered to your substitute no longer appear in your mailbox.

Set up:
> Personal settings > User data

  • Enter the internal telephone number of the substitute in the "Substitute" field
  • SAVE

The substitute is deactivated again if the telephone number is deleted from the Substitute field.

Managing and recording greeting texts

Under > Personal settings > Recordings you can manage your greeting texts and record new ones.
You can then assign these greetings to different time periods in the time profile.

Assign greeting message to a time period

Under > Personal settings > Time profile you can assign your greetings to different call types and time periods.

Normally use the alternative greeting. This greeting is played regardless of the call type (internal, external, busy). Any greetings set for internal calls, external calls or calls when busy are overridden by this setting.

Do not receive voice messages

When a call comes in, you only want to play an announcement without the caller being able to leave a message:

-Set up:
> Personal settings > Recordings

  • Click on the "No message recording allowed" field
  • Click on the "Apply Monday settings to the whole week" field
  • SAVE


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