Costs for Telephone Calls and Equipment

The telecom delegates place the order for a telephone connection with the indication of the cost centre to which the telephone costs are charged.

Each month, the telephone costs are transferred to SAP and debited to the respective cost centers.

University units will be charged CHF 10.00 and CHF 120.00 per fixed-line connection per year from 1 March 2017. The costs consist of CHF 6.00 fixed costs for the connection and CHF 4.00 flat-rate fees.

Additional services are charged separately

Additional key module CHF 4.- /p. mth.
Voice Mail CHF 2.- /p. mth.
UC for VoIP telephones CHF 4.- /p. mth.
Call Center Agent CHF 5.- /p. mth.

Fax and DECT cordless phone

Analogue line for fax and DECT CHF 6 / p mth.

Fax machines and DECT telephones must be purchased directly from the UZH organisational units.