With these instructions we would like to support you in setting up and using the most important IT services as well as in managing the corresponding access data.

Where can I find my login data?

Your login data can be found on the password letter.

The password letter contains the initial password, short name and UZH e-mail address.

How do I receive the password letter?

After completion of matriculation, your login data to the electronic services of the UZH are usually available for download within 72 hours in a separate password letter on the application portal.


Click on "Dokumente" in the application portal. There you can download the password letter as a PDF file.

application portal


How can I set a password for my IT services?

You can use the password letter to set a password for your IT services at the UZH.

1. change initial password

o change your password, go to and log in with your UZH full name and initial password.

The initial password must be replaced by a new one after first use, therefore the message 'Your password has expired' appears after the first login.

password expired

Attention: Not every password is suitable. Under point 2. the criteria for the password can be viewed.

After you have successfully changed Identity Manager's initial password, you need to set the passwords for your remaining IT services. This will be explained in the next step.


Translated with

2. set passwords for your IT services (e-mail, AAI, etc.)

Once you have changed the initial password for your Identity Manager, you will also need to set a password for the other IT services in order to use them.

Select Eigenes Kennwort -> Kennwort ändern


change password


Overview of accounts

In the overview, select the accounts for which you want to set or change a password. Once you have selected the desired accounts, enter the Identity Manager password and then the new password for the selected service(s).

change password


Further information

After the passwords for all IT services have been set, you can inform yourself about our services and offers on our student page.

Instructions and FAQ can be found in our Knowhow Database

Could your questions not be answered on our pages? Please contact our support. We will be glad to help you.