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Password and Accounts

Passwords and accounts for UZH IT services (e.g. semester enrolment, access to WLAN or email account) are managed via the Security Identity Manager.

Access data
Set initial password via password letter
Manage passwords
Forgotten password
VPN access change
What is my full name?

As a guest at the University of Zurich, you can access the Internet.

Instructions for guests

Weiterführende Informationen

Important: Change Passwords

To protect the University of Zurich as well as your own individual data, all UZH members (students, employees, lecturers) are requested to change their passwords for all accounts in Identity Management immediately.

UZH Identity Management

Changes to VPN Access

For VPN access, please note the new procedure and instructions. (in German)

What is my "full name"

Have you forgotten your full name and can no longer find the password letter? You can also find your full name at