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Central IT

Manage passwords in Identity Manager

For many of the IT services (e.g. semester enrollment, Active Directory ADFS or e-mail account) you must "identify" yourself as a member of UZH by logging in.

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Launch the Security Identity Manager and sign in

  • Security Identity Manager:
  • Use your primary email address  (sender address) and password.
    (If you want to set a password via password letter for the first time, see our page
     Set initial password via password letter. )
  • When logging in for the first time, a password change for the "Identity Account" is required.
  • Attention: If you have not yet set up multi-factor authentication, you can do so according to the following page:
    Multifactor authentication

If you experience login problems, please reset your password .
If the reset fails, ...

  a.) please open a ticket to the ServiceDesk (,
  b.) call our ServiceDesk  Tel.: 044 63 43333)  
  c.) or come to our walk-in consultation .

Select "Change Password"

Change password
(To enlarge the picture please click on the red magnifying glass symbol on the left)

*Please note: The Identity Management password will be required in the future to change the passwords for the other services.

change ITIM password

Select your desired services

  • e.g. Active Directory, Identity Management or all services at once
Zoom (JPG, 125 KB)

Your personal UZH IT services in the Security Identity Manager

(To enlarge the picture, please click on the magnifying glass symbol above)

Enter current Identity Management password and 2x new service password

  • Please note the password requirements:
    > At least 8 digits and at least one number, upper and lower case letters and at least one special character
    Confirm by clicking on "Absenden" (Send).
Enter Identity Management password and new password for desired service
(To enlarge the image, please click on the magnifying glass above)