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Audio/Video Infrastructure

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AV Infrastructure in Centrally Allocated Rooms

Planning New AV Infrastructure

We are responsible for the planning, provision, and safe operation of AV equipment in centrally allocated rooms. Please contact us if you need equipment for your lectures or have any suggestions.

Requirements for the Expansion of the Existing AV Equipment

If you have requirements, wishes, or ideas for the expansion of the existing AV systems in lecture halls and seminar rooms of centrally allocated rooms, please fill in the request form (DOCX, 55 KB) and send it to us by e-mail.

We will collect and consolidate the submitted requirements on a monthly basis, and will also prioritize and examine whether technical integration into the existing AV systems is possible. We will also assess the impact on the existing service, as well as human and financial resources and lifecycle management.

If your requirements have far-reaching technical or financial consequences or require the introduction of a new service, your application will be submitted to the “Renewal of AV facilities” project steering committee for a decision. The “Renewal of AV facilities” project aims to convert all existing AV facilities from analogue to digital technology. It is therefore essential that your requirements for existing AV systems are coordinated with the requirements of the “Renewal of AV systems” project.

AV Infrastructure for Institutes

We would be pleased to advise you on the planning of your future or the replacement of your existing AV systems on the premises of your institute. In the event of AV equipment and systems malfunctions, please contact us or directly the AV supplier. All repairs will be carried out by the AV suppliers. All costs for the procurement, replacement, or repair of your AV equipment as well as services from external companies will be borne by your institute.

Request Form
If you have any questions about the form, we will be happy to help you: phone 044 63 42451

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