Brown-Bag Sessions



In addition to the course program, Central IT offers lunch events on current topics in Information and Communication Technology.

Target audience:
Professors, lecturers and assistants, scientific staff, students, and other interested parties who are interested in teaching, learning, and working in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

University of Zurich, Rämistrasse 71


Current Programme

The Making of UZH App

We all use and know mobile apps. It's hard to imagine everyday life without these little helpers. With the UZH now App, UZH offers a mobile companion for campus life. An important goal in app design is to provide easy and intuitive user guidance. That's why a good app should look as simple as possible. However, the path to a successful app is anything but simple. In this series of events, we would like to use the UZH App to show you what it takes to create an app on such a scale. The focus is on design, user experience, iOS and Android programming and the backend.
Please note that the lectures will be held in German.