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Purchasing Hardware: Projekt Neptun

About Projekt Neptun

In fall and spring every year, Neptun offers selected Apple and Windows notebooks from various manufacturers for sale. Bulk orders make it possible to sell the computers with substantial discounts. Currently, all members of Swiss universities, universities of applied sciences, ETHZ and EPFL, as well as their alumni are entitled to place orders.

Why Buy Projekt Neptun Notebooks?

  • Inexpensive branded products of the highest quality
  • Substantial price reductions
  • Three-year warranty worldwide
  • Independent evaluation of all offers


For further information on Projekt Neptun, such as product information, prices, etc., please see the Projekt Neptun homepage



The Central IT Service Desk offers support with:

  • Installing campus-wide licensed software
  • Configuring UZH network access

For UZH-specific support requests, please contact the Service Desk.

Projekt Neptun customers who encounter problems with their notebook may request support at the Neptun Help Point in the ETH Store
Additional support is available via e-mail. Quick fixes for hardware- and software-related questions and problems can be found in the Projekt Neptun forum.

Weiterführende Informationen

Sales Periods

The dates of the two sales periods are available at the following link: