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An Internet mailing list is an e-mail address that maintains a collection of e-mail addresses (aliases). An e-mail to this address is thus sent to all e-mail addresses listed in the collection. A mailing list can carry user addresses and/or other mailing list addresses. Mailing lists have various applications: Discussion forums, information channels, newsletters, etc. If a user wants to join a mailing list, he has to subscribe.

The University of Zurich uses the software SYMPA as list server. This software is very flexible and configurable via web interface.

Access to the listserver


The web access of the listserver can be found via the URL

Before you can use the web access, you have to be registered on the listserver. Members of the UZH are already registered with their e-mail address. As password use the password for e-mail / collaboration.

Access via e-mail

All functions of SYMPA can also be accessed via e-mail. To do so, send e-mails to the address or for institute domains to sympa@<institut> A list of all commands that can be submitted via e-mail is available in the original English documentation.

Valid e-mail addresses

Only the main e-mail addresses of a person are valid on the list server. At the University of Zurich this is the personal self-selected e-mail address, which also corresponds to the sender address of the person. All other addresses that are also valid on the webmail are treated by the listserver as synonyms for the main email address.

If you change your email address, log in to the list server and set your old address under "Your preferences/Other email address". This will transfer your old preferences to the new address.

Weiterführende Informationen

Newsletter / urgent messages

Everyone can subscribe to this list. The IT managers are automatically subscribed. The web interface for the other subscribers can be found here:

Listserver für IT-Verantwortliche