Science IT

Service and Support for Science IT (S3IT) is the University of Zürich’s center of expertise for scientific computing and specialized information technology services for research. With a team of experts and consultants, S3IT aids the UZH community by providing the prowess necessary to perform computationally state-of-the-art research and to accomplish a variety of technological goals. By capitalizing on established methodologies across the global information technology sector, S3IT focuses principally on support and services for researchers. If you’re a member of the UZH community with a goal that requires IT proficiency, you can regard S3IT as your initial point of contact.


Getting started:

  • Are you a researcher who needs to scale your research beyond the capacities of your personal computer? Read more about S3IT’s computational facilities.
  • Or are you searching for the technical skills to accomplish your research goals? Consider the various ways that S3IT can facilitate your work.
  • Do you need immediate assistance with S3IT’s services? If so, click here.