About S3IT

Service and Support for Science IT (S3IT) supports UZH researchers in using IT to empower their research and serves as a center of expertise for scientific computing and application engineering.


  1. S3IT provides:
    • Support and consulting for the advanced use of IT in science.
    • Research software development and research informatics support.
    • Access to a competitive IT infrastructure.
    • Support for the use of open source software for simulation and data analysis.
    • Project management and collaboration.
    • Training and education in the usage of S3IT's infrastructure and software.
  2. S3IT partners in research projects with a clear focus on support and enabling IT technologies for science, seeking close cooperation with local IT support experts within the research groups.
  3. S3IT strengthens the collaborations with local, national, and international bodies/networks and represents the UZH within these institutions as necessary.