About S3IT

Service and Support for Science IT (S3IT) supports UZH researchers and research groups in using IT to empower their research, from consultancy to application support and access to cutting-edge cloud, cluster and supercomputing systems.



S3IT is focusing on support for science. It is driven by the scientists for the benefit of scientists. S3IT stands at the forefront of technological innovation and development, providing a necessary prerequisite for excellence in research IT. S3IT serves as a contact point and a center of expertise for scientific computing and application engineering.

  1. Service and Support for Science IT is proactively participating and partnering in collaborative research projects with a clear focus on support and enabling IT technologies for science. S3IT actively seeks close cooperation with the existing local IT support experts in the research groups, to strengthen and broaden their activities.
  2. Services and Support for Science IT provides:
    • Professional support and consulting for the advanced use of IT in science.
    • Professional research software development and research informatics support.
    • Access to competitive IT infrastructure, enabling compute- and data-intensive research through standardization and economies of scale.
    • Support for use of open source and commercial software and tools for simulation, data analysis and data lifecycle management, as well as information, laboratory and project management.
    • Project management and collaboration support.
    • Training and education in the usage of the infrastructure, tools and software.
  3. Members of S3IT will strengthen the communication and collaboration with local, national and international bodies and networks and represent the UZH within these institutions as necessary. Services and Support for Science IT actively promotes information and knowledge exchange within the university and with external bodies.
  4. Members of S3IT actively monitor recent developments in information technology and software relevant to research and maintain a high level of expertise by scouting for new technologies while promoting the usage of standards and best practices.
  5. Services and Support for Science IT will advise the governing body for the mid- and long-term evolution of infrastructure and services and assist the governing body in the prioritization of scientific IT needs.