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Science IT Expert Services

Do you need long-term support to use computational techniques or infrastructures that are currently out of reach?

Science IT can consult you to enable your compute-intensive applications to make optimal use of the available infrastructure and computational/machine learning techniques. Science IT can also be a long-term partner to provide technical solutions or customized software tools. Specific services provided are:

  • Machine Learning
  • Scientific Software Development
  • Workflow and Pipeline Development
  • Research Platform Development
  • Data Management
  • Data Visualization

Our Science IT experts work directly in the research projects, either during a defined phase or permanently as a part-time job. The researchers can thus optimize the use of data-driven methods. If the required experts are available from Science IT and the financing is secured, the service can be flexibly adapted to individual needs, both in terms of content and time. Science IT has for example particular expertise in the fields of

  • Digital humanities
  • Geography
  • Life sciences
  • Physics / Astrophysics

Get in touch with Science IT to discuss your collaboration needs in detail.


General Science IT expert

If your research requires extensive computational support, we can support you with a part-time consultant at a fixed monthly time allocation. The consultant can be located in your lab if wanted. Examples of work that can be carried out through this service are:

  • Supporting data analysis/management via consultancy or “done-for-you” analysis.
  • Developing and implementing automated, data analyzing workflows.
  • Assisting or training the research group in the usage of the high performance computing facilities provided by Science IT.

Project collaboration

If you have a project that requires customized software development, Science IT can support you with, for example:

  • Backend and frontend development for a hosted service.
  • Development of tools to create content.
  • Support the hire of an external company that develops the application. Here, we can help with specifying requirements, quality-assure the delivered product, and to provide long-term maintenance and support.

Automated Workflows

We offer to develop automated data processing workflows tailored to your needs.

A computational workflow is the digital analog of lab protocols and specify which software applications to apply to the data, with what parameters and in which order. Workflows have the following advantage over manual data analysis:

  • Easy to use, we can provide access to a web-based workflow submission system
  • Fast, submit the workflow and wait for the full analysis to complete; take advantage of the powerful research IT infrastructure we are offering to the University
  • Comprehensive, each step is executed each time, none are skipped
  • Consistent, data is analyzed the same way each time
  • Traceable, our workflow system automatically keeps track of all the settings, all input data and the version of each software application used

Science IT offers to develop a customized workflow for you and train your people to use it.

Visualization - Automatic Report Generation

Need support or input on how to best visualized your complex data?

Our Science IT experts have a lot of experience visualizing complex data. We offer automatic report generation services from complex data input. We have based out visualization platform on the popular and open source tool Jupyter. The advantages over excel or similar are:

  • Handle larger data sets
  • Easy to include tools and visualization code from R, python and more
  • Interactive graphs that speed up the analysis
  • Integration of arbitrary JavaScript tools such as D3 for complex and dynamic visualizations.

Science IT offers to help you build an automated report generator based on the latest technologies.

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