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Research IT Transformation

  1. Is your group growing in size and expanding in computational scope beyond your expertise?
  2. Are you unsure of what computational resources are available?
  3. Do you struggle with the setup of your lab’s data management?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, consider how you might benefit from the Research IT Transformation service. Our consultants wield a strong understanding of the scientific methods and techniques used by researchers as well as the IT infrastructure that supports these methods. We are available to assist you with:

  • Planning and implementing IT projects for research workflows
  • Installing and maintaining scientific software (e.g., Python/R libraries and applications)
  • Providing dedicated technical support to researchers (e.g., Anaconda, Docker, Singularity, Slurm, Snakemake, ScienceCloud, ScienceCluster)
  • Managing research data storage, user access and roles, and internal documentation
  • Developing and maintaining IT policies and procedures
  • Collaborating with your IT Coordinator and other IT teams to ensure that the IT infrastructure meets the needs of researchers

Moreover, we can work with you in-person to hold direct discussions with your group members so we can provide bespoke solutions for your various projects.

How to initiate an expert service

  • Get in contact with Science IT and explain briefly what type of service you are interested in together with a short description of your use case and needs  contact Science IT
  • Based on the information you provided, your request will be routed to a suitable expert, who gets in contact with you to follow up on the remaining steps

Terms and conditions

  • Efforts-based costs
  • Expert services are restricted to UZH researchers and groups
  • More details (incl. costs and agreement templates) are available in the UZH Intranet