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Scientific Software Development

Starting a new scientific software project or working on existing code can be challenging because

  • writing code is not easy,
  • the code does not work as expected,
  • the code is hard to use or to maintain,
  • it is hard to have multiple people working on the same project.

Scientific Software Development service is here to help you with

  • end-to-end software engineering, i.e., from the functional requirements to the application ready to be used by researchers, for a new project or for an ongoing development,
  • code maintenance for an existing strategic project,
  • training and best practices (e.g., git, Docker, Python, R) for your team.

We can assist you in

  • design, modularisation, development, refactoring, testing, packaging and distribution of
  • libraries, command line applications, graphical user interface applications in
  • Python, R, Julia, C/C++ or Fortran.


  • Refactor an initial Python code into a pip installable package
  • Refactor an initial R code into an R package (installable from CRAN)

How to initiate an expert service

  • Get in contact with Science IT and explain briefly what type of service you are interested in together with a short description of your use case and needs  contact Science IT
  • Based on the information you provided, your request will be routed to a suitable expert, who gets in contact with you to follow up on the remaining steps

Terms and conditions

  • Efforts-based costs
  • Expert services are restricted to UZH researchers and groups
  • More details (incl. costs and agreement templates) are available in the UZH Intranet