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Workflow and Pipeline Development

Are you working on a research project that requires significant organizational effort with data acquisition, data cleaning/wrangling, statistical/mathematical analyses, post-processing, visualization, and/or data delivery? Moreover, do you need to execute one or more of these tasks at scale with significantly sized datasets that require deliberate care?

Research projects often require one or more of these tasks to be organized, standardized, and documented while maximizing efficiency, tractability, and reproducibility for collaborators as well as future researchers. But what are the best ways to proceed with these sorts of complex tasks?

Science IT can provide a starting point for you to build, develop, and/or improve scientific research workflows requiring significant coordination amongst tasks. Examples include:

  • guidance on encapsulating research code into Git repos for transparency and reproducibility;
  • the use of workflow managers to automate complex sets of tasks (e.g., SnakeMake);
  • transferring and scripting together existing workflows on systems with greater expansability (e.g., moving a workflow from a personal computer to the ScienceCluster);
  • streamlining workflow pipelines to increase efficiency (with both computational time and resources);

Whatever stage of research workflow or pipeline, Science IT can assist with overcoming the challenges that you’re facing.

How to initiate an expert service

  • Get in contact with Science IT and explain briefly what type of service you are interested in together with a short description of your use case and needs  contact Science IT
  • Based on the information you provided, your request will be routed to a suitable expert, who gets in contact with you to follow up on the remaining steps

Terms and conditions

  • Efforts-based costs
  • Expert services are restricted to UZH researchers and groups
  • More details (incl. costs and agreement templates) are available in the UZH Intranet