Audio/Video Equipment Lending

We lend audio and video equipment for short-term use in lectures or at events in rooms that are not centrally allocated, as well as to students of the University of Zurich with the consent of their instructors.

For audio and video equipment in centrally allocated rooms, please contact the local event service (Veranstaltungsdienst).

Universität Zürich, Betriebsdienst Zentrum (UZZ)
Universität Zürich, Betriebsdienst Irchel (UZI)
Tierspital Zürich, Hörsaaldienste (TSP)

Devices available to lending from the AV Services

  • Projector
  • Canvas
  • Mobile active loudspeakers with wireless microphone
  • Video camera with tripod
  • Microphones
  • Audio recorder
  • Webcam with USB connection
  • USB conference microphone
  • HDD & DVD video recorder
  • CD, DVD and Blu-ray players
  • Audio cassette digitizer device



Lending is free of charge and subject to availability of the equipment.