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Changing your UZH E-Mail Address

How Can You Change a UZH Departmental E-Mail Address?

You can change the e-mail address for your address directly with your IT Coordinator.

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How Can you Change an Existing UZH E-Mail Address?

Your UZH e-mail address will be automatically generated based on your employment details. If there are multiple instances of the same name, e.g. John Smith, the names will be numbered consecutively during generation, e.g.

Please inform the your organizational unit's (institute/clinic/seminar/department) HR representative of any change concerning your personal details, such as your name or address (in the event of a name change, please provide an official document, such as a passport or ID card).

After the name change has been updated and entered by the relevant department, you will receive an e-mail with the remaining steps for completing the process.

The address is automatically amended to the new name following a name change. If you want to change your address, please submit an application for a name change to your HR representative.

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