Saving and Exchanging Data

The University of Zurich provides various tools for saving and exchanging data.

Network Drive/Backup

Network drives for storing personal files can be set up at the institutes and departments of Central Services (ZDU). It is also possible to back up and retrieve or archive data centrally.

Please contact the institute's IT Coordinator or ZDU IT support to set up these services.


SWITCHdrive offers a secure alternative to commercial cloud storage services for university members. The files can be stored, synchronized and shared.

SWITCHdrive is a secure alternative to commercial providers such as Google Drive, Wuala or Dropbox and offers 100 GB of storage space.

Access for UZH members:

Navigate to and log in with your SWITCH edu-ID user name and password. If you do not have a SWITCH edu-ID, you can create one by clicking the "Create Account" button on the login screen.

SWITCHdrive instructions


Exchanging Data


The UZH e-mail service allows for attachments of up to 100 MB to be sent. Should you want to send or receive files larger than 100 MB, please use the Dropfiles service.

Dropfile's web interface is more or less self-explanatory. To log into the service, use your UZH short name and WebPass password. If you have not yet set up the WebPass password, you can do so via Security Identity Manager.

Dropfiles interface ( for files > 100GB, please contact Support)

Dropfiles is not a backup or file storage platform. Files uploaded to the dropfile server are deleted after 10 days.

More detailed instructions on how to use dropfiles can be found in our expertise database.